Hi, I’m Rob, the Meat Program Director at Freson Bros. and I want you to put Pork on your menu!

Did you know that at Freson Bros. we only sell Premium Alberta Pork? But what does that mean for you and your family?

First of all, it means that the pork you buy at Freson Bros. is locally raised with no hormones or animal by-products. All our pork comes from right here in Alberta.

We also want to make sure you know the health benefits of including pork in your menu.

All pork cuts, with the exception of ribs, are considered lean or extra lean and are naturally low in sodium. Pork is also the leading food source of thiamin, an essential B vitamin. With hundreds of recipes to choose from, you can make a new and interesting pork dish every week.

See how pork compares with your other family favourites.

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