I’m Not Saying I’m Old, But…

I’m not saying I’m old, but the great thing about having all these white whiskers, I can choose any subject I wish to write about.

I want to talk to you about something that is the most precious possession we all have. They say it is only about 3 lbs in weight and sits in a container between your ears. When you think about it, it’s free and clear, no mortgage, no loan. It controls everything you do. Imagine buying a computer to do all the things your brain does for nothing. Think about all the programmers, system analysts and hardware and software sellers that we would need to create, operate and maintain a machine as capable, even if someone could build one.

If we could buy this computer, we would probably do a cost benefit analysis. We would get a committee to write all the things we would like to see done. We would develop a request for proposal to send out to all the Bill Gates’s of the world.

What questions would you ask yourself, could the list be something like this?

The program and computer must:

1. Function at all times and must be able to recognize smells, hears sounds, see and recognize objects. Initiate digital movement for locomotion and recognize and act in a fight or flight crisis.

2. Be able to recognize mood swings and adapt and act appropriately.

3. Be able to assimilate knowledge and act appropriately when challenged.

4. Be able to communicate orally, in written form and be able to use mechanical or electronic aids.

5. Be able to recognize rhythm and musical form and assimilate knowledge to perform.

We could go on forever trying to remember all that happens incidently now. Who could even think of all the things your brain does voluntarily and involuntarily?

How much is our brain worth? Our first VAX computer cost $140,000.00 and lasted four years. Our second was half that amount. We now have collectively $2.6 million invested in computers and software and you know, we aren’t finished buying and paying yet. How many glitches and crashes have we already experienced with these man-made computers?

We should all be thankful that our brain came to us ready for programming. It is up to each of us to understand, what we program in, is what we will get out. Just like any computer, garbage in, is garbage out. If you program negativity in, it’s negativity out. You program positive wholesomeness in, same thing out. Remember we always harvest what we sow.

It is really up to each and every one of us to balance what we get from life, since we all have the brain in place to help us do the job. As mature adults, one can’t hide from the fact that we are the captain of our ship and the master of our own fate.

Have a great summer!

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