Free Groceries for Christmas

Free groceries for Christmas and to all a great night.

What would you do if someone offered you free groceries for Christmas, every Christmas’ Of course you would think Santa was real.

Some of you already know that Santa is real and it is you, especially when you buy your groceries and daily needs using your employee card.

Historically, about 45 years ago or so, we were doing business with mechanical cash registers. To show our appreciation to the staff for their concern and extra effort, we allowed a 5% discount on their grocery purchases. The procedure we used was to leave a signed slip in the till to verify the sale and balance the register. As our stores grew and we hired more people to the staff, we found it easier to raise everyone’s wage to compensate for the discounts earned and we eliminate the 5% refunds. Our office staff found it was quite a lot easier to balance the sales at the end of the day.

Like most supermarket chains, we has no special discounts for our employees. With the advent of a new software program a couple of years ago, we again offered a 5% rebate annually on all staff purchases of groceries and family needs. This includes all our employees and if a student is living at home the family household is offered the privilege.

It surprises me that although many are participating, it seems inconvenient for some to have their card with them when they shop. The old adage of a penny saved is as good as a penny earned is al the more relevant today because with income tax, a penny saved is really equivalent to 1.4 earned.

I congratulate those of you who understand and participate in this beneficial program. Here is an example:

If you purchase $150.00 per week it translates to $7,800.00 a year. Five percent of $7,800.00 = $390.00. I will bet you can buy your Christmas dinner and a couple of gifts for the kids. Even with this simple function of using your card to buy in our stores, we begin to recognize that it’s not what you earn, but what you save that counts.

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