Your family, your job, your fellow workers depend on your good health.

All our relationships and performances are directly related to our health, physical, emotional and mental. Tired or distressed people make more mistakes, have more accidents and are more apt to be grouchy and lethargic than healthy physically fit individuals. Both quality and quantity of work declines when one is out of shape physically, emotionally and mentally.

Good work and good health go hand in hand, manifesting into a bright image of the world and people around you. With good health there is higher propensity to positive thoughts, feelings and moods. Everyone is talking about health and wellness until it is becoming almost a cliche. Since we are not able to affect patient care for diagnosed disease and we can not talk about patient illness, we move to our own observations. Everyone wants good health and wellness, but only a healthy balanced few are willing to pay the price.

Go to any clinic or Google any health site on your computer, or pick up a magazine and you can get plenty of good health advice.

  1. Get lots of regular exercise.
  2. Eat better and less.
  3. Learn to relax.
  4. Get the sleep you need daily.
  5. Combat excess stress.
  6. Be very aware of drugs and alcohol
  7. Treat people as you would like to be treated.

Many experts believe that exercise is the key to good health and long life in otherwise healthy people. Exercise is broken down into two components, aerobic and anaerobic. Simply, aerobic exercise builds your heart and lung capacity. The objective of aerobic exercise is to work your pulse rate up to 75%-80% of maximum heart rate which is 220 heart beats per minute minus your age. As an example for a 45 year old, would be 220 – 45 = 175 as the maximum heart rate. 175 x the 80% = 140 beats per minute as his target heart rate. To achieve this target one can quick pace walk, swim laps, cycle or jog. There are recommendations that you have a medical check up before you begin a running program. Heart monitors are available at sport stores, but the simple method of taking your pulse is count your heart beat for 10 seconds and multiply by 6, or 15 seconds and multiply by 4.

Anaerobic exercise is to build muscles and strength, this exercise does not require free oxygen as do the lungs and heart in aerobic exercise. The exercise for muscle and strength building can be done with weights, isometrics or simulated routines like sit ups, push ups and a chin bar.

In conclusion, it has been written millions of times by all kinds of people and publications. The saying, “Do unto others as you would have them do onto you.” What better principle could any of us live by? With this motto it’s easy to look at your self in the mirror everyday and recognize that at times, we are part of the problem, but most likely with this principled attitude, we are part of the greater solution.

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