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How would you like to manage or be responsible for 5 million to 25 million dollar business? Many times in discussion with people, I have heard these same people say, they would like to get into business management. They talk about the job, business management as though it’s the achievement, the goal. They are of the opinion that since they jumped all the hurdles in school and college to get to management, they can relax and bathe in the glory of perks, prestige, money and vacations. These same people talk about management as though its something abstract, like finding the holy grail or more likely in today’s world of lottery, hitting the jackpot.

Yes, my friends owner-management is all that you think and more, for a price. Are you willing to pay?

Business owner-managers in all business are charged with the responsibility of getting positive results or a return on investment for the money, manpower and management employed.

A-ha, that’s it get results. Kind of reminds me of the Scotia Bank commercial on TV, where two little boys are looking with a flashlight for equity in the attic of their house. One boy asks, “What’s equity? I don’t know says his brother, but dad says, when we find it we we’ll have leverage.” “What’s leverage?”

What I’m really talking about is real live business. The plain old grocery store isn’t just a plain old grocery store. It is a sophisticated technical complex business. In our case each manager and his team run a business from 5 million to 25 million dollars. They manage from 25 to 110 people per unit. Besides the people, each manager is responsible for $100,000 to $500,000 of sales per week. Management responsibility includes the physical plant, fixtures and inventory with a total value in our company from 1 million to 10 million or more dollars. We are in the manufacturing business, with meat cutting, sausage making, bakery, and deli kitchen. We are in the service business, with post office, photo studio, floral, ATM’s, Western Union, lotto and hunting and fishing licenses. We are in the rental business, with the Rug Doctor, and videos. In our pharmacy we provide consultive services in medicine and we offer health clinics throughout the year. Yes, we sell groceries too.

At head office we are the support group. We are charged with the responsibility of allocating our resources to the best possible use. By establishing standard criteria, the store management team with our assistance is responsible for hiring and training all new staff. While this is being done, we still have to be value credible with price, quality, service and cleanliness. Standards are the targets, achievement the goal. Personally, I have always done this with enthusiasm and excitement. I still relish the challenge and I know this enhances the quality of my life, realizing that there is still a purpose, and a reason for getting up each morning.

Now, do you still want to be the manager or owner-manager? Do you want a challenge, want to get a opportunity? With the right attitude, patience, work ethic and some personal time sacrifice, you can achieve more monetary net worth than you ever dreamed you could earn. You will receive more societal respect and prestige, than you ever thought, and more security than 90% of the total population of Canada.

If you like the offer and are prepared to pay the price, show me. Just call Frank 624-4200 or e-mail

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