B.C. Cherries are Back!

Why selling B.C. cherries (when in season) is important to Freson Bros.?

– Supporting Canadian growers keeps our economy strong
– Local means less food miles which is better for the environment and FRESHER
– B.C Cherries are the best in the world!

We develop all of the best varieties right in the Okanagan!

Cherry Pro tips:


The #1 indicator of cherry freshness is the bright green stem.

Store unwashed in the fridge.

Choose plump, bright-coloured fruits; avoid soft cherries.

Freeze some cherries and use them instead of ice cubes in your favourite beverage!

To remove cherry stains from your skin, simply rub them with a lemon wedge.

Cherry seasons & Information!

October – January – Chile Cherries

May – June – California Cherries

June – August – Washington Cherries

June – August – B.C. Cherries