Grocery Heroes Day – 2021


Thank you for your commitment and dedication during the troubling times, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

  • Aaron Coutts – Store Manager


“I’d like to express thanks and gratitude to our entire team here in Drumheller, for their commitment to delivering our wonderful Freson Bros. experience.”

  • Doug Lovsin – President


“Thank you to all our team members for helping us bring the Freson Bros. experience to Edmonton in the middle of a pandemic. Your hard work, commitment and dedication is greatly appreciated and we’re so proud of each and every one of you.”

  • Kerry Waldo – Store Manager


“I’m extremely proud of our team for the hard work, dedication and commitment to feeding our community throughout this challenging time. Everyone really stepped up to the plate to deliver our unique Alberta food experience and to keep all of our customers safe.”

  • Markus Lovsin – Store Manager

Fort Saskatchewan

“I’m so proud of my team for providing a safe and comfortable shopping experience for our community throughout the pandemic.”

  • Ryan Durnie – Store Manager

Fox Creek

“Thank you to my Freson Bros. team for providing safe shopping, service with a smile and endless dedication throughout the pandemic.”

  • Zee Laforce – Store Manager

Grande Prairie

“Thank you for your hard work and continued commitment during the difficult times we’ve gone through in the past year and a half.”

  • Cory Robideau – Store Manager


Through all the challenges this last year, I am so proud of our team. I can’t say thank you enough to our amazing team that brought dedication, courage and many smiles. They allowed hope and light to shine through our community.”

  • Don Boos – Store Manager

High Prairie

“Thanks to all the team members that stepped up during the hard times throughout the pandemic, who put in extra work, time and patience with everything.”

  • Steve McLeod – Store Manager

Hinton Hill

“I’m proud of our Freson Bros. team for providing a sense of stability and strength to the community during the pandemic. You are an inspiration to us all!

  • Paul Lovsin – Store Manager

Hinton Valley

“I couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of you. You have each shown dedication, resilience, and compassion towards your fellow team members and our customers. You all inspire me to be better every day. Thank you.”

  • Sally Congdon – Store Manager


“I’m proud to work with a team who rose to the occasion during a difficult time. Our community is better because of you. Thank you.”

  • Shelley Keim – Store Manager

Stony Plain

“Thank you very much to my team who rose to the occasion of being essential to our community. I am very proud of you all.”

  • Annette Lee – Store Manager


“Welcome to the Freson Bros family and thank you for welcoming us, and working hard to provide a positive experience to our customers and community.”

  • Cam Bowman – Store Manager

Peace River

“It’s inspirational how team members came to work and delivered a positive unique Alberta food experience while struggling with their own covid concerns. Thank you.”

  • Brent Rostad – Store Manager


Thank you for your dedication and commitment over the last year.  YOU GUYS ROCK!!!”

  • Jason Bartlett – Store Manager

“COVID-19 has brought the best out of all of us. As Emerson said, “It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”

  • Frank Lovsin, CM – Founder

“Today we are celebrating Grocery Heroes Day and as we reflect on the past sixteen months, let’s look at our values at Freson Bros.:

• We Believe Really Great Food Matters 
• We Believe In The Value Of Human Connections
• We Believe In The Tradition Of The Craft

Our team has been tested these last sixteen months and now,more than ever, these values have shone through.

We are extremely proud of everyone on the Freson Bros. teams in all of the locations. The connection with our customers is unwavering and has been throughout these many months. Your commitment to the customers of Freson Bros. and to doing ‘The Little Things That Count’ has made the interaction with our friends fantastic.

  • Mike Lovsin – Chairman

So proud of how our Freson Bros Floral and GM team adapted and were able to bring some non-essential sunshine into many many homes during a very dark time. Well done team!

  • Lesleah Horvat – Floral & GM Specialist

“Thank you for your dedication and continual commitment to providing a safe and welcoming food experience to all of our Freson Bros. communities in Alberta.”

  • Ken Lovsin – Vice President

“Through some very challenging times, our entire Team rose to the occasion. We are extremely grateful for the dedication of all of our Team Members. Thank you!

  • Shawn Gavigan- C.F.O.

It’s inspirational how many Freson Bros. team members came to work everyday to ensure that their communities had everything they needed while the world was in confusion. Thank you.

  • Mandi Fawcett – Marketing Director

A massive thank you to Freson Bros. Butcher Shop and Banj’s Smokehouse Teams for keeping it cool over an extremely challenging year. Your hardwork and dedication to the Craft is truly appreciated.”

  • Brian Petty – Meat / Seafood Director