Grocery Heroes Day – 2022


“It is an honour and and a privilege to work with the great staff here in Barrhead each and every day. Their tireless efforts and commitment don’t go unnoticed. THANK YOU!

  • Aaron Coutts – Store Manager


“Through all the trials we have gone through with COVID and the loss of Darryl, the loss of other coworkers, and the daily personal battles, we have continued as a team to take care of ourselves and our customers. To the award-winning team here in Drumheller: Well Done!”

  • Dale Goulder – Store Manager


“I would like to recognize and thank our entire team for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to our store, our guests, and each other during another difficult year. It is truly an honour to work with such an awesome team.”

  • Kerry Waldo – Store Manager


“A big shout-out to our Freson Family here in Fairview. They have done a fantastic job delivering the Unique Alberta Food Experience, and feeding our community. Way to go Team!”

  • Markus Lovsin – Store Manager

Fort Saskatchewan

“Thanks to our great team for providing a Unique Alberta Food Experience for the Fort Saskatchewan community again this year. We appreciate your effort and your persistence in spite of the many adversities we faced this past year.”

  • Ryan Durnie – Store Manager

Fox Creek

“It is an incredible honour to work with the team here in Fox Creek as they humbly serve our customers and community with passion and perserverance every day. Thank you to a fantastic team!!”

  • Zee Laforce – Store Manager

Grande Prairie

“Thank you to our GP Freson Bros. team for the continued commitment and dedication to our store and our customers. We appreciate all your efforts to provide Grande Prairie with a Unique Alberta Food Experience.”

  • Cory Robideau – Store Manager


“It is an honour and privilege to service such a wonderful community and none of this would be possible without the wonderful contribution of our very hardworking team. The efforts of our team at Freson Bros. cannot be emphasized enough. So please join me today by offering up some kind words for them. Thank you.

  • Don Boos – Store Manager

High Prairie

“I’m honoured to work with such a fantastic team that always looks after each other and our customers. Thank you for giving 110% throughout the many challenges we faced these past 2 years. I appreciate each and every one of you and what you do for our store and our community.”

  • Steve McLeod – Store Manager

Hinton Hill

“A big thanks to our team up on the “Hill” in Hinton. Through all the ups and downs, your commitment to delivering a Unique Alberta Food Experience to our community has not waivered. Great work, Team!

  • Paul Lovsin – Store Manager

Hinton Valley

“It is an honour to lead such a dedicated team in Hinton Valley. Everyone goes above and beyond to deliver a Unique Alberta Food Experience to our customers each and every day. I could not be more proud. Great Work!”

  • Sally Congdon – Store Manager


“Extremely thankful to grow and learn with such a welcoming team over this last month. Thank you all for your patience and your help over the last month.”

  • Blake Brimacomb – Store Manager

Stony Plain

“Together we can accomplish anything! Thank you to the Stony Plain team for your commitment to the customers and our community.”

  • Annette Lee – Store Manager


“Its been a honour and a privilege to lead the team in Sundre. The countless situations we’ve encountered together and still be able to bind together to deliver a Unique Alberta Food Experince. I’m so proud of how far we’ve come and excited to continue to grow and evolve together.”

  • Cam Bowman – Store Manager

Peace River

“A huge shout-out to the team for everything they do to help make Freson Bros. a Unique Alberta Food Experience. Thank you.”

  • Brent Rostad – Store Manager


“It’s an honour and a privilege to work beside this amazing team in Valleyview. Despite all the challenges you’ve faced over the last few years you continue to put our customers and communities first. Thank you. You Rock!!

  • Jason Bartlett – Store Manager

“Thank you to the great teams in all the communities we are part of. Your dedication to delivering quality, service, cleanliness and exciting promotions is outstanding and greatly appreciated.

  • Brian Petty – Meat / Seafood Director

“Thank you to all of our team members for your dedication and hard work throughout these turbulent and uncertain times. Together we’ve weathered the storm and continue to proudly deliver a Unique Alberta Food Experience to our many customers. Well done!

  • Jory Weed – Store Planning Director

“Thanks once again to our team for all your hard work, dedication, and pursuit of excellence. You’ve all gone above and beyond over the past year. Enjoy this day dedicated to your achievements. You deserve it.

  • Nelson Smith – Grocery Director

“I am honoured and so proud to work alongside our team that continues to put our customers and communities first no matter the obstacle we’ve faced over the past few years. Through the pandemic and extreme weather events creating widespread shortages and significant interruptions in the supply chain, our team has worked tirelessly to provide for their communities with the utmost passion and care.

  • Laura Johnston – Healthy Choice Director