Butcher’s Cookhouse


Simple, Good Food

Nothing quite beats a meal made from scratch with love. Our kitchen isn’t Mom’s kitchen, but we do make comfort-food favourites and healthy options.

Real Alberta Comfort Food.



When the food is this good, you want to come back for seconds, or thirds. Fill your plate and your stomach every day of the week!

  • Monday: Asian Cuisine
  • Tuesday: Freson Fiesta
  • Wednesday: Ukrainian Dishes
  • Thursday: Southern-Style Meals
  • Friday: Fish & Chips
  • Saturday & Sunday: Brunch 9am – 2pm


the Go

Need something quick? Want a healthier alternative to typical fast food? We’ve got you covered. We have a meal for every appetite, plus pint-sized portions for the kids.

We Don’t

Cut Corners

Shortcuts don’t make exceptional meat. That’s why we slow roast our BBQ ribs and pulled pork for 18 hours before you taste it. This much flavour takes time.