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Alberta Beef
& Prawn
Soft Tacos

Cook up from Fresh Alberta Beef that you got marinated for free in store. Heat up some prawns and make some delicious tacos.

One Pan Alberta Chicken and Vegetable Bake

A baking pan full Alberta Chicken Drumsticks and delicious vegetables is a pleaser. The one pan to cleanup is great as well.

Slow Cooker
Alberta Pork

Slow Cooker Alberta Pork Sliders cook in a slow cooker while you get things done. An easy recipe for a delicious impressive meal.


Baked Nachos are an Easy Family Meal Solution that the whole family will enjoy. Add other toppings as you like to change up the flavours.

Banj’s Ultimate
Meat Lovers’

This week, try Banj’s Ultimate Meat Lovers’ Frittata. This recipe can be adjusted by using your favourite Banj’s meat flavours.

Freson Bros. Breakfast for Dinner

This week, try Breakfast for Dinner. Everyone loves breakfast and serving it for Dinner makes it a special treat.

Ivan’s Traditional Pork Sausage

This week, try Ivan’s Traditional Pork Sausage Hash. A one pan recipe that is not only quick to prepare but quick to make.

Alberta Pork Schnitzel

This week, try Alberta Pork Schnitzel. This recipe is very quick and easy to make and it tastes so good.

Quick Alberta Beef Stir Fry

Get a delicious meal to your table fast. This stir-fry recipe features a simple sauce and is loaded with beef and vegetables.

Alberta Pork Saddleback Chop

This unique cut includes part of the loin, ribs and belly all with the skin left on which will crisp up into golden crackling.

Pan Seared

Try the Pan Seared Cod recipe for a simple delicious fish dinner. Cod, grape tomatoes and jalapeños will impress your tastebuds.

Granny Lovsin’s Old Fashioned Stuffing

A traditional family recipe from Granny Lovsin’s kitchen to yours. Enjoy this for every holiday gathering with the family.