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Sometimes healthy eating isn’t as simple as getting your greens. We focus on providing healthy options like organics. We also look after people with strict dietary needs, such as celiac, lactose intolerance, and vegan-friendly options.

Meet Our

Healthy Choice Team

Confused about what foods are best for you and your family? Our team of trained health and wellness experts are here to help! We can provide you with the knowledge you need to build a healthier lifestyle.

The Healthy Choice Team

Laura Johnston – Health & Wellness Specialist.


Freson Bros Head Office. Laura is our specialist of all things health and wellness related residing at head office. She is a University of Alberta Nutrition and Food Science grad and Ironman distance triathlete. Laura joined the grocery industry with her nutrition background to affect change in a way that could benefit every person – where they buy their food. Ultimately Laura’s goal is to ensure that Albertan’s have access to nutritious food and the nutritional advice they may need to help better the lives of their families and themselves.

Tabitha Scott – Drumheller Health & Wellness Supervisor.


As an active Cheer mom and Football mom my inspiration to be healthy is my family. I try to set the example in our home with healthy eating which leads us all into a healthier lifestyle. I try to educate myself on the new superfoods and health foods and with having a family with growing children I try to find foods that are not only good for you but taste great as well. Being an employee of Freson Bros I not only have the privilege of having these wholesome foods and health products at my fingertips but I’m also am able to educate the community of our health food options and supplements.

Tessa Dahmer – Fort Saskatchewan Health & Wellness Manager.


Tessa has one great love in her life, and that love is great food. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Human Nutrition from the University of Guelph, a school she chose because it was ranked number one in Canada for on-campus food. She blends this passion for eating with a devotion to preventative health. She is a CanFit Pro Certified Personal trainer and lover of anything that can be done outdoors. She loves helping people understand the value of prioritizing their well-being and finding ways to take their health to the next level. When not in her Freson Bros. uniform, Tessa spends her time playing cards, running, and finding new ways to make vegetables taste exquisite.

Hannah Elliot – Stony Plain Health & Wellness Supervisor.


After struggling with my own health issues, I found out how much of an impact food and nutrition played in improving my own personal health and overall well being through various forms of research. This fueled my passion to continue learning in order to help others. I am now a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and I love helping people be happier and healthier versions of themselves. My passion for health and the environment drove me to work in a field where I could have an impact on both individuals and the environment. I started working in Freson Brothers Health and Wellness Department in May 2018 and I have enjoyed being able to help people find quality supplements and make positive food choices while also supporting companies that are local and environmentally conscious.