Mother Dough Bread Co.

Alberta Sourdough

Flour, water, and salt. That’s it. Our simple, fresh, and real ingredients are what sets us apart from others. Our sourdough is formed with naturally occurring yeasts, made fresh in store every day. All of our stores have their own Mother Dough Levain, for an authentic flavour.

Find out more about our Sourdough Starter named, Charlie!

Quest for Sourdough

Our sourdough starter, Charlie, has been added to the World Sourdough Library in Belgium!

Peace River Sourdough

Earthy, with a subtle hint of caramel, try it for yourself and taste the difference!

Proudly made with Organic,
Whole Grain Alberta Grown Flour.

Find out more about our Sourdough Starter named, Charlie!



Our cake was pretty great, but one day our skilled bakers took that basic recipe a step further. Using high-quality, natural ingredients, they transformed it into a delicate, decadent Torte that melts deliciously on your tongue.



Hand Crafted with Care: Discover Our New Pies, Crafted with Real Fruits and 100% Alberta Flour for you to enjoy with your family.