Market Garden

A Locally Grown

Alberta Company

We value providing you with as many Alberta-grown products as possible. Our special finds change with the seasons, so you’ll always know they’re fresh. We’re proud to carry Alberta products like garlic, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, onions, and even cantaloupe when they come in after the harvest.

You can taste the difference local makes.

Freson Bros. on Location



Each week, we bring in special produce finds that change with the seasons. Some of our favourites are: Fiddleheads, Cotton Candy Grapes, Hatch Chile Peppers, Sweet Scarlett Texas Grapefruit, Stem & Leaf Satsumas, Kiwi Berries, Brussels Sprouts on the stalk, Alberta Cantaloupe, and so much more.


Pro Tip

Lengthen the life of your produce by packing loosely and separating your produce.

The closer your produce is stored, the faster it will rot, so be sure to spread all items out. Store your veggies in the crisper, keep your tomatoes on the counter (upside down works best), and keep your root vegetables in a cool, dark pantry.

Need more fresh tips? Visit your nearest store and ask one of our produce experts.

Remembering Our Heritage

The Root Cellar

Root vegetables are best stored at lower temperatures, in low light, with a steady humidity. That’s why we store our root vegetables in the Root Cellar, a traditional and effective cold storage for onions, yams, garlic and more! It’s just one more way we guarantee you fresh produce. Check out our healthy choice page below for information on everyday goodness.