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Terms & Conditions

Last Updated- March 26th, 2019

The following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) apply to participants in the Freson Bros. Smart Shopper Program (the “Program“) and for greater clarity, as further stated herein, any participation in the Program by a participant constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to or with the Terms and Conditions, please do not use the Program. The Terms and Conditions are as follows:

The Program is a loyalty program offered by Freson Market Ltd. (“Freson Bros.”) for customers who make eligible purchases at participating Freson Bros. retail locations.

Membership And Account Activation

Membership in the Program requires a Freson Bros. Smart Shopper account (the “Account”) provided by Freson Bros. A participant may sign up for an Account online at https://freson.com/loyalty,  by SMS (text messaging 373766) words used to opt-in are the following: FAIRVIEW, FORTSASK, GPNORTH, HANNA, HIGHPRAIRIE, HINTONH, HINTONV, STONYPLAIN, VALLEYVIEW, MANNING, BARRHEAD, DRUMHELLER, FOXCREEK, PEACERIVER, or BALANCE. These opt-in words are subject to change and a member can reply STOP to stop services, or in person at a Freson Bros. location during the checkout process upon providing a valid phone number for the Account. One or more participants in the Program shall be entitled to use their designated Account to earn points (“Points”) and redeem rewards (“Rewards”), provided the Account has been activated. Activation of an Account is done by completing the Member profile online at https://account.clutch.com/fresonbros.

1) A single Account may have more than one user or participant provided the online member profile shall identify all such users and designate the primary contact in relation to such Account.  No participant can be registered in relation to more than one Account at the same time.

2) All participants registered in relation to an Account must be individuals that are 18 years of age or older as of the date the Account is activated, unless Freson Bros. approves otherwise.

3) Membership in the Program is free.

4) Freson Bros. reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse or cancel the issuance of an Account to any person it deems appropriate and upon cancellation, all Points and Rewards shall be deemed forfeited.

5) Participants shall be responsible to update their respective member profile online at  https://account.clutch.com/fresonbros as necessary in the event the profile information in relation to an Account changes.


Points Accumulation

1) In order for an Account to accumulate Points, a participant must buy eligible purchases at participating Freson Bros. locations and must present the Account phone number, an Account key fob (available through Customer Service upon request) or an Account electronic card (available after downloading the Freson Bros. app) or other Account indicia, in a form and manner satisfactory to Freson Bros., in its discretion, at point of sale but prior to completing payment for the eligible purchase.

2) The applicable number of Points will be credited to a participant’s Account upon the completion of the eligible purchase in accordance with the terms of the Program. Points shall not be eligible for redemption directly but rather shall be converted to Rewards upon reaching a designated number of Points under the Program, with the resulting Rewards then being capable of being redeemed in relation to eligible purchases.

3) Freson Bros. reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine and change all aspects of the Program, at any time, and from time to time, without notice, including, without restriction, the items/services considered to be eligible purchases under the Program for the purposes of acquiring Points or for the purposes of redeeming Rewards, the number of Points acquired in relation to an eligible purchase, the number of Points required to convert to a Reward dollar and the minimum amount of Rewards required prior to a redemption.

4) Items which are not currently considered eligible purchases for the purposes of the Program, whether for accumulating Points or redeeming Rewards include, but are not restricted to, the following items/services:

(a)        gift cards;

(b)       lottery tickets, calling cards, wireless air time and long distance cards; Canadian postal stamps or deliveries;

(c)        bottle deposits and returns;

(d)       charitable donations;

(e)        alcohol, tobacco and pharmacy prescription purchases;

(f)        Freson Bros. delivery fee;

(g)        customer service programs (ex. hunting and fishing licenses);

(h)       applicable sales taxes.

5) Points and redeemable Rewards under the Program will be awarded and allowed in the amounts and in the manner set by Freson Bros. from time to time.

6) An Account’s accumulated Points and Rewards shall be available online and will typically be reflected on the cash receipt issued in relation to a purchase if the participant provided sufficient Account indicia, whether by key fob or otherwise, prior to the completion of a purchase transaction. In the event that this information does not appear on a customer receipt due to technical difficulty or otherwise, participants are invited to access the Account information online at https://freson.com/smart-shopper-app-59,through the Freson Bros. app or alternatively, may inquire about the number of Points and Rewards by filling out an online Inquiry Form or by contacting Freson Bros. at [email protected].

7) Returns and/or exchanges will be honoured according to the Freson Bros.’ refund policy. The number of Points earned in connection with the original purchase, if any, will be deducted from the applicable Account at the time of refund. Any Rewards redeemed in connection with the original purchase shall be reinstated into the applicable Account.

8) Accumulated Points and Rewards in an Account, and all Accounts, are non-transferable and non-assignable.

9) The total number of Points and Rewards in an Account available to a participant as indicated in the records of Freson Bros. shall be deemed to be correct unless otherwise demonstrated by the participant to the satisfaction of Freson Bros. in its sole discretion.

10) Coupons, redemptions, eligible purchases, savings and other rewards that are issued or awarded in connection with the Program may not be combined with any other Freson Bros.’ offer or promotion.

Redeeming Your Rewards

11) A minimum number of Rewards must be accumulated prior to Rewards being eligible for redemption. Upon the required minimum being obtained in each instance, the Rewards may be redeemed for in-store savings at participating Freson Bros. locations upon the participant providing the Account phone number, an Account key fob (available through Customer Service upon request) or an Account electronic card (available after downloading the Freson Bros. app) or other Account indicia, in a form and manner satisfactory to Freson Bros., in its discretion, at point of sale but prior to completion of the purchase of eligible purchases. A participant’s Account must be in good standing prior to redeeming any Rewards. Account balances as to Points and redeemable Rewards are subject to verification by Freson Bros. at the time of redemption.

12) Freson Bros. makes no representation or claim regarding the availability of any particular promotion giving rise to Points or Rewards under the Program. Availability of certain Points or Rewards in relation to certain products or events may be limited.

13) Participants are responsible for protecting and maintaining the security of their Account and any associated passwords, electronic cards or key fobs. Freson Bros. is not responsible for any unauthorized use of the Program or of an Account, including any unauthorized use or redemption of Points or Rewards. If a participant loses a key fob or other Account indicia, it shall notify Freson Bros. Upon receipt of such information, Freson Bros. may take whatever action it determines appropriate, in its sole discretion and may, but is not obliged to, freeze the Account until the primary contact can be reached for further consideration by Freson Bros. as to the appropriate course of action in relation to such Account.

14) In the event of a forgotten Account, the onus is upon the participant to positively establish his or her identity by providing sufficient information/identification and other relevant documentation to the satisfaction of Freson Bros. that he or she is registered in relation to such Account. Thereafter, Freson Bros. will disclose the forgotten Account information to the participant and will, upon request, provide the participant with a replacement key fob. The accumulated Points and Rewards shall remain intact.  For greater clarity, and without limiting anything contained herein, Freson Bros. assumes no liability or responsibility for Rewards redeemed by any person prior to a notification to Freson Bros. of a forgotten Account nor for any wrongful disclosure of an Account or provision of key fobs in the aforesaid circumstances and each participant hereby releases and discharges Freson Bros. from any liability in relation to same.

15) Rewards are not credit cards, are not exchangeable for cash, have no cash value and cannot be sold or purchased.  For greater clarity and without limitation, Rewards cannot be sold, bartered, transferred, rented, gifted or otherwise disposed of and are void if they are sold or transferred to a third party for cash or any other consideration.

16) In accordance with federal and provincial taxation laws, participants registered for the Program must pay all applicable taxes. Freson Bros. is not liable for any tax consequences to a participant which may flow from any participation in the Program.

General Information

1) Use of the Program by a participant, including the collection of Points and redemption of Rewards, constitutes acceptance of the herein Terms and Conditions and constitutes consent to the collection and use of personal information in accordance with Freson Bros.’ Privacy Policy, both as may be amended from time to time by Freson Bros., a full copy of which can be obtained online at www.freson.com or by contacting Freson Bros. at [email protected].

2) The Program shall replace, in its entirety, the previous Freson Bros. Smart Shopper Program whereby customers were entitled to acquire and redeem eligible cards in relation to certain eligible purchases. Participants in the former program shall be entitled to redeem any unused eligible cards at participating Freson Bros. locations at any time prior to December 31, 2018, after which time the eligible cards shall expire.

3) The Program shall continue from month to month for such length of time as Freson Bros. desires in its sole discretion. Freson Bros. reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to restrict, suspend, change, terminate, cancel or otherwise alter any aspect of the Program, without notice, including the name thereof. In the event of discontinuance or termination of the Program by Freson Bros., Freson Bros. will attempt to provide at least thirty (30) days’ notice to participants, to permit participants to redeem any accumulated Rewards within that time period. Any accumulated Points or Rewards not redeemed at the expiry of this time period, as well as all associated Accounts, shall be deemed cancelled and forfeited, without limitation to any other rights of Freson Bros. as set forth herein.

4) Any abuse by a participant of the Program’s privileges, any failure by a participant to follow the Term and Conditions herein, or any misrepresentation by a participant may, at Freson Bros.’ sole discretion, and without limitation to any other rights of Freson Bros. herein, subject the participant to expulsion from the Program, cancellation of the participant’s Account including forfeiture of all Points and Rewards as deemed appropriate and necessary by Freson Bros., regardless of: (i) whether there are other participants registered in association with the Account; or (ii) whether such participant is the primary contact or simply a registered user thereunder.

5) The Program is the property of Freson Bros. and the Program and all entitlements thereunder may be revoked or terminated at any time by Freson Bros. in its sole discretion without notice or compensation to the participant. Upon suspension or termination of the Program for any reason whatsoever, Freson Bros. will have no liability therefore to any participant and all participants hereby agree that Freson Bros. shall be automatically released from all participant claims in respect of such suspension, termination, cancellation or forfeiture of the Program.

6) Freson Bros. is not responsible for any errors or omissions with regard to the Program or its operation. By redeeming the Rewards, the Program participant releases Freson Bros. from any and all liability and claims regarding the redemption thereof and use of any savings and any loss or damage caused by goods supplied as a reward in relation thereto.

7) Accounts that remain inactive for a period of eighteen (18) months or more may be closed by Freson Bros. without notice to any participants registered with the Account. Upon closure of an Account, for any reason whatsoever, all accumulated and unused Points and Rewards shall be deemed forfeited and cancelled. Reactivation of a previously closed Account does not entitle the participant(s) to any Points or Rewards that were previously forfeited and cancelled upon closure.

8) Any unauthorized reproduction of the Program may lead to legal action, forfeiture of all Points and Rewards and closure of one’s Account, without limitation to any other rights of Freson Bros. herein.

9) These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Alberta and the federal laws applicable therein and the parties hereby attorn to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Alberta.

10) Additional information relating to the Program, including a “How it Works” page, is available online at https://freson.com/smart-shopper-app-59.

11) We may obtain information about you from other sources, including commercially available sources, such as data aggregators and public databases.

12) Our program provides you the opportunity to opt-in and to opt-out of receiving communications from Freson Market Ltd. To have your information removed from the Freson Market Ltd. database, please contact us with your request online, by email or by phone.

NOTE: These Terms and Conditions relating to the Freson Bros. Smart Shopper Program may change from time to time in the sole discretion of Freson Bros. without notice to the participant. Freson Bros. will post or otherwise make available the revised Terms and Conditions. The onus is on the participant to review the Terms and Conditions regularly to stay informed of all changes.  Participants are encouraged to contact Freson Bros. online at [email protected] with any questions. For the most current version of the Terms and Conditions please visit https://freson.com/smart-shopper-app-59.