Here’s Why

  • Easy Peeling

  • Seedless

  • Bursting with Flavour

  • Grown in California

How did oranges get so wrapped up with Christmas?

We have to start by talking about the term mandarin orange. Mandarin refers to a subcategory of oranges that include varieties like tangerines, clementines, murcotts and satsumas. Satsuma oranges were the first variety of mandarin that came to western Canada, but are hard to find today.

Where did satsumas come from?

When people from Japan first moved to Canada circa 1880, their families back home would send them satsumas as a new year’s gift. Satsumas quickly became popular in Canada as a seasonal luxury and are now famous stocking stuffers today. Over the years mandarins from China have taken the place of Japanese satsumas as a holiday treat, but you can still find satsumas out there if you know where to look!

Where do satsumas come from now?

Today we buy satsumas that are grown in California, which is really the best of both worlds! They are our most local option, travelling 5,000 fewer kilometres than mandarins from China or Japan. Lower food miles means a fresher orange, and the satsuma variety itself tastes amazing and peels so easily.

All oranges are good, but few are Satsuma good!